VIDEO: UHNW Portfolio Management Challenges Facing Family Offices

Family office teams are already spread thin – add in market volatility and the increasingly high expectations of UHNW wealth owners and it’s clear that UHNW family offices are in critical need of tools to improve efficiency and visibility. Outdated technology and limited resources make it difficult to achieve a complete, accurate picture of a complex multi-asset class investment portfolio. When investment teams spend most of their time manually aggregating, reconciling and validating investment data and generating reports, there is little time to focus on portfolio evolution and growth.

The right UHNW portfolio management technology platform can help deliver the efficiency, accuracy and insight family offices need to better serve UNHW individuals.

Building on “The UHNW Portfolio Management Challenge” video series, Craig Pearson, co-founder & CEO of Private Wealth Systems, dives deeper into the unique UHNW portfolio management challenges facing family offices.

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