Account Aggregation

Uniquely designed to meet the exacting needs of the most SOPHISTICATED investors in the world

A consolidated view across all asset classes & ownership structures: equities, private equity, fixed income, hedge funds, real estate, venture, loans, art & collectibles.

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While other systems are limited by the data they support, generating errors and omissions, our private wealth account aggregation leverages proprietary electronic data interfaces that connect to major custodian banks around the world, supporting 3x more data elements than other leading systems, to deliver more data, that is more accurate, faster, at a lower total cost. With Private Wealth Systems, your analysis, advice and decision making is based on the best data, regardless of custodian, asset class or global jurisdiction.

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We capture every transaction in its native asset class and currency for greater accuracy and faster processing for better decision-making.

Private Wealth Systems CEO, Craig Pearson


Proprietary data interfaces into custodians and banks across the Americas, EMEA, and Asia to control data quality and security.

We built our own direct data feeds to custodial platforms including; Goldman Sachs, Pershing, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Citi, Charles Schwab, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, UBS, Stifel, US Bank, Bank of New York, Bessemer, and countless others so that we can customize the mapping and normalization to each custodial data source to support the most comprehensive and accurate set of data. Other aggregators with single classification rules will omit important data leading to errors in analytics and performance. For example, one of the largest aggregators only supports 18 transaction codes to major global custodians – our system supports over 190 codes – data matters.

Process data on Trade Date instead of Settlement Date to reduce error.

While most systems process settlement date data, driving errors in liquidity analysis, risk exposure, market value, and performance, Private Wealth Systems processes data on a trade date basis.

Total aggregation supporting every asset class and currency.

We capture every transaction in its native asset class and currency for greater accuracy and faster processing for better decision-making. From tax lot purchases and sales, capital calls, redistribution of capital, and accrued interest purchased to drawn downs, fees, interest pay down, and principal payments on loans, our system is the most comprehensive multi-asset, multi-bank, multi-currency aggregation platform.

True multi-currency aggregation to support the most complex global wealth.

As a transaction-based aggregation engine, our platform captures the trade, settlement, and base currency on every event to ensure the highest level of accuracy, and we store exchange rates every night to deliver accurate analysis on currency vs security gains. Our multi-currency module supports 16 decimal points to eliminate the rounding errors that other systems produce. Users can select a reporting currency at run-time to analyze currency effect on their investments and balance sheet.

Integrating your full balance sheet - we support private investments and non-financial assets.

In order to integrate the full balance sheet our system supports private investments including; private equity, hedge funds, venture capital, direct investment, real estate, private debt, loans, art, and collectibles. Our logic based transaction codes process every component of a capital statement to correctly adjust cost, cash, value, income, expense, and performance with a single entry, ensuring the highest level of data accuracy and operating efficiency across the industry.

Global operating scale.

Every transaction code has embedded code to automatically adjust cost, cash, accrual, performance and commitment. This enables us to deliver the best data quality at the lowest total cost on mass scale.

No screen-scraping, instead using direct data connections ensure personal privacy.

Our proprietary direct interfaces into major custodial banks delivers the most consistent and secure exchange of data on an automated nightly basis. We receive transaction, position, cash, price, and account files via secure file transport protocols (SFTP) nightly. Since we are not a household-based system like other platforms we do not receive or require personal identifying information (PII) such as name, tax ID or address ensuring a greater level of data privacy.

Support both unitized and non-unitized securities to eliminate phantom price and shares and ensure data accuracy with operational scale.

Private Wealth Systems supports both unitized and non-unitized securities to eliminate phantom price and shares and ensure data accuracy with operational scale.



90-day reporting blinds you to the true value in the time between reports. The further you are from the last report, the greater the potential variation in the true value, making important decisions even riskier.


Private Wealth Systems’ DAILY reporting removes that uncertainty, keeping you informed at all times with an accurate picture of overall wealth, greatly reducing the risk of your important decisions.




One security ID versus many.

Being accurate is not matching the bank, it’s being accurate


Don't Settle for wealth manageMent technology designed for the masses

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