Multi-Asset Portfolio Management

A consolidated view across all asset classes & ownership structures: equities, private equity, fixed income, hedge funds, real estate, venture, loans, art & collectibles.

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Our award-winning, industry-first portfolio management data model empowers each user to classify, group, and analyze their data any way they want for faster, more personalized decision making.

Private Wealth Systems Dashboard - Night Mode


Reduce your technology costs with a single platform that supports the most complex investments portfolios and balance sheets.

Private Wealth Systems is a single multi-asset, multi-custodial, multi-currency portfolio management and accounting system that supports every asset class, from equities, fixed income, and derivatives, to private equity, hedge funds, venture capital, and real estate, to give immediate analysis by portfolio, entity, partnership, asset class, sector, country, currency, security or any custom grouping.

Increase personalized engagement with custom classifications for each stakeholder.

Private Wealth Systems delivers unprecedented control by empowering you to create custom attributes at the individual holding level. This means two members of the same family can have opposing views on any investment and our system supports those views for personalized analysis, reporting, and management. This is accomplished with a single global security master to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the data. Is Apple socially responsible? Is Amazon retail or technology? Only you can answer what is right for you. Welcome to the new age of ultra high net worth investment management.

View and analyze your net hedged exposure regardless of asset class or currency.

Private Wealth Systems portfolio manager allows you to associate a derivative instrument(s) with its underlying position to see gross and net hedged exposure for better risk management.

Track performance with world benchmarks.

You can associate a standard or custom blended benchmark at the holding, account, sector, asset class, country, portfolio, theme or strategy. We save benchmark weighting each night to maintain the integrity of historical time series analysis.

Manage even the most complex entity structures quickly and easily.

You can easily create and view portfolios across complex entity structures. Our platform maintains a complete time series tracking all changes in ownership over time.

Don't Settle for wealth manageMent technology designed for the masses

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