Private Wealth Systems Adds $100 Billion in Family Office Assets to its Consolidated Investment Reporting Platform

Explosive growth driven by need for data accuracy and personalization, as well as demand for greater financial control among ultra-high net worth individuals

Charlotte, NC/ Date /PR Newswire/ — Private Wealth Systems, a global financial technology company providing software and services to family offices, ultra-high net worth individuals, and asset managers, announced record client growth in 2020, adding over $100 billion in net new assets. Expansion was driven by the urgent need among those with complex investment portfolios to gain greater control over their wealth during the unprecedented market volatility caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Ultra-high net worth individuals, and their advisors, around the world rely on our platform to gain instant access and oversight over their complex investment portfolios. Waiting for quarter-end manager reports, which can be biased and have double-digit data errors, is no longer acceptable to sophisticated wealth owners” said Craig Pearson, CEO, Private Wealth Systems. “Our growth is a testament to the reputation we have built for delivering a level of transparency, data accuracy, speed, and personalization that is simply unmatched in the market.”

The pandemic has highlighted the fact that there really is a data crisis across the global family office market. When market volatility increases and ultra-high net worth individuals need answers fast, data errors produced by legacy systems and processes are no longer acceptable. In volatile markets bad data can drive destruction of family wealth. With Private Wealth Systems, wealth owners, chief investment officers, and chief financial officers all have one-touch access to performance, risk, allocation, fees, income, and expense across every financial instrument from every bank and private investment manager regardless of global jurisdiction or ownership structure.

Private Wealth Systems data accuracy begins with its proprietary account aggregation engine that supports three times more transaction data than other aggregators, supporting both public and private investments. The company’s multi-asset investment accounting engine systemically processes all transactions, correcting data errors that are inherent in bank data feeds based on instrument type and global jurisdiction. Calculating true daily time weighted returns delivers performance and analytics that have proven to be more accurate than other reporting platforms, often by over 500 basis points. The mobile dashboard and portfolio management modules were purposely designed to provide true personalization by empowering each user to dynamically group, model, and classify their data any way they want to analyze what is most important to them in protecting and
growing their family wealth.

About Private Wealth Systems, Inc.
Private Wealth Systems is a global financial technology company that is revolutionizing the way private wealth is analyzed, reported, and managed. The company’s award-winning private cloud software provides consolidated investment reporting to family offices, private banks, and institutional asset managers, delivering instant access and understanding of the drivers of risk, return, income, and expense across the most complex investment portfolios.  For more information, visit or call US +1 980 500-3000.

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