Family Office Endowment Selects Private Wealth Systems to Replace Legacy Institutional Investment Software Platform

Data accuracy, speed, and report design were key drivers in the decision to replace the legacy platform.

Charlotte, N.C. – May 2019 Private Wealth Systems, Inc. the industry leader in consolidated investment reporting and financial intelligence for family offices, private banks and global asset managers has announced a family office endowment has selected its portfolio management and consolidated investment reporting platform.

The company’s multi-asset, multi-custodian, multi-currency consolidated investment reporting platform provides transaction level account aggregation across all asset classes – equities, fixed income, derivatives, private equity, hedge funds, real estate, direct investments, and collectibles, data reconciliation, portfolio accounting, security level performance calculation, portfolio management, investment reporting, and a secure client portal.

“Replacing a legacy provider is a testament to the software we have built and the support that we provide to those who manage complex wealth,” said Craig Pearson, CEO of Private Wealth Systems. “Our ability to process a portfolio with 1,500 holdings in a matter of seconds compared to other systems that take 40 seconds to process a portfolio with 50 holdings demonstrates our advantage in our technology. Of greater importance, our ability to identify material errors in performance calculation of legacy systems provides a level of trust that is truly humbling.”

Private Wealth Systems was built to support the complex nuances of transaction level adjustments to cost, cash, accruals, income, expense, gains, losses, and fees for even the most complex private and public investments, delivering data that is more accurate, more comprehensive, faster, with lower operating costs.

“We are seeing an incredible increase in demand from ultra high net worth individuals (UHNWIs) and private banks around the world seeking greater control, transparency, and trust in the data”, added Pearson. “This shift underscores our competitive advantages as the most accurate, secure, and comprehensive multi-asset, multi-manager, multi-currency platform.”

About Private Wealth Systems

Private Wealth Systems is a global financial technology company that is revolutionizing the way private wealth is analyzed, reported, and managed. With clients in North and South America, Western Europe and the Middle East, the company’s award-winning private cloud-based software provides multi-asset, multi-bank, multi-currency account aggregation, data reconciliation, performance calculation, portfolio accounting, portfolio management, and investment reporting to family offices, private banks, and institutional asset managers, delivering instant access and understanding of the drivers of risk, return, income, and expense across the most complex investment portfolios.

For more information, visit or call US +1 980 500 3000.


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