The 2023 Family Office Strategy guide

The Top 7 Priorities of Ultra-High Net Worth Investment Teams

The economy might seem bleak… but family offices continue to thrive. In 2022, North American family offices achieved a 15% average portfolio return – two points above the global average of 13%. Despite inflation, skyrocketing interest rates and the looming economic downturn, 77% of families have seen their wealth increase and 56% have seen their AUM increase.¹ While ultra-high net worth (UHNW) investment teams have demonstrated resilience and remarkable growth during global market volatility – challenges still lie ahead.

In this eBook, we will walk you through:

    • The impact of UHNW investing challenges and trends on family offices
    • The top 7 priorities for UHNW investment teams in 2023
    • How to set a higher standard portfolio data accuracy
    • The best way to deliver unique portfolio insights to every family member

¹ “The North American Family Office Report 2022,” Campden Wealth Limited, 2023

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